“Ted truly is a spiritual master who walks between worlds.”

-Rama Vernon

Rama is the founder of Yoga Journal magazine and is known as
“The Mother of Yoga in America.”




Ted and Diana Wentworth are grace in action. Their combined wisdom and experience shine a truth and illumination upon everyone they encounter. They operate from an unspoken ethic that asks, ‘How may I serve and be an instrument of love?’
-Bruce Kellogg
Unity Minister

I feel as though I am being led through a doorway to an awareness I’ve sensed lay before me. My endless gratitude to you. Your blessings have seen me through numerous trials.
-Floren H.

Simply loved this entire experience. The story/metaphors Ted shared were clear and unique — I had never heard anything like them before. How refreshing! The poetry and explanation Diana shared wove exquisitely with Ted’s energy and message. I really felt the heat of the kundalini start at my 1st chakra and swell all the way to the top!! Amazing! Thank you, Ted!
-M.O. Kelly

Jai Maa! Ted’s story is an epic pilgrimage demonstrating how he applied spiritual knowledge to his business ventures, and business understanding to his spirituality, and ultimately became highly successful at them both. In the Enlightenment Code, Ted Wentworth gives us techniques designed to remind us that everything we do can be spiritual, and there is no separation between our material life and our spiritual life. He teaches a doctrine of holistic spirituality, in which the reader finds freedom from the duality of fulfilling our material necessities versus enjoying our spiritual inspiration. “It is all Spiritual!” declares the author, as he shares with us methods by which we can remember. This book is highly recommended for all pilgrims along the path.
-Swami Satyananda Saraswati

The Enlightenment Code is what its title proclaims it to be: an anthology of disciplines which take readers beyond Religion and into Spirituality. Ted Wentworth has truly presented a wonderful synopsis of important techniques, with illustrations from his own life as to how to apply them in order to become the spiritual man he became.
-Lama Buddhananda Govinda