Is there a secret code to attaining enlightenment? Is there a sure-footed path into the heart of the Divine? Yes, I promise you, there is!

Have you, like me, spent a lifetime wondering who you are? Wondering how to find out who you truly are? Like me, are you sensing acceleration, a quickening of your spiritual path the deeper we go into this new millennium?

Recent changes in the cosmos offer new opportunities to achieve high consciousness. Many of the texts, techniques and sacred mantras that were previously secret have been disclosed and translated and are now available to lead each of us “home” when we’re ready.

Through forty years of meditation and study, I’ve found a way to not only experience divinity, but to spark that awareness in others. I now visit all the levels of enlightenment that I spent my life seeking, and I’m honored to share this experience with you.

With The Enlightenment Code, I bring you the path I follow—a “holy shortcut,” if you will—to lead you directly into the heart of the Divine. Continue your life journey on the path to enlightenment.

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"Only 123 pages...genius!" - David, Los Angeles